Women creating the business & life of their dreams

// Don't know what you want to be when you grow up or the type of business you want to build? //


Tasha Blasi, a mom of two kids talks about why & how she left her Sr. VP of sales & marketing job to run her own business as a fertility coach. 

Tasha, after turning 40, realized she couldn't figure it all out anymore.  She had anxiety that consumed her & didn't go away when she got home.  At one point, she wasn't sure that she was brave enough to do it. 


Listen in to hear more of her incredible story & how today, she is excited to get up and do the things she loves, while changing other people's lives with her talents. 

To learn more about Tasha's work go to: www.tashablasi.com 

//  You don't have to be afraid of leaving the corporate world //


When Janet's son started having problems, getting into trouble at school & wasn't himself anymore, she made the decision to leave her corporate job to take care of her family.  Janet knew that this was a life or death situation & that she was the only one who could  help fix this for her son.   She left her successful sales job and started two businesses:  motivational training for businesses &  selling product in mall kiosks where her boys could work with her. 

Her story has several great twists & turns that you won't want to miss! 


Through it all, you'll see how she built her incredible career and business with the constant focus on doing what was right for herself & her family.   Today, Janet owns The Freedom Shift, where she is a high ticket sales consultant.  You can find her here:

//  Are you afraid of throwing it all away, but are tired of fulfilling someone else's dream? //


Anna's last corporate job was managing sales relationships with the top investment banks on Wall Street. 


She had put her heart and soul into her company, but realized that she was just a number. If something happened, they wouldn't think twice about letting her go.


Today, Anna teaches new businesses owners how to market & build serviced based businesses so they can travel the world and become digital nomads.


Listen in to hear more of her story & what she wants every women who is unhappy in the corporate world to know.  Anna can be found at www.annaoutofoffice.com

// Do you have a nagging, unsettled feeling that won't go away? Do you worry that your job is taking away your children's childhood? If so, this story is for you. //


Bridget, a Sr. marketing executive, was making her company millions of dollars a year, but not being paid equivalent for her impact.


She gave her job the majority of her focus, believing if she put in the time on afternoons, evenings, and a lot of her weekend, that it would eventually pay off. All she'd asked for was sacred time with her young son in the morning...but the day her company decided to add a daily 8 AM meeting that she'd have to run, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.


Make sure to catch this whole interview (it is one of my absolute favorites).  Bridget has some great advice you won't want to miss. 


For branding & website help, you can find her at www.facebook.com/bridgetirby

// Don't waste so many years trying to figure it out on your own //


Mariel worked in the marketing/advertising world, loved her co-workers, but felt like a number & didn't feel like she was able to use a lot of her creativity. Her "why" was to build a lifestyle that she couldn't create working in her 9-5 job, especially once she became a mom.


It was important for her to be a part of her kids' lives on HER terms.


So she left corporate america to be home with her kids and then spent years trying to build her own business.


She learned entrepreneurship the hard way, then figured out how to get the right support from a coach that gave her the right roadmap, focus & skills for success.