We've worked with women across many industries... Those early in their careers (minimum 7 years) and those at the tail end.

Here are just a few of their stories...

Meet Meghan

Who got tired of of 50+ hour weeks & worrying about the instability of her job but wasn’t having any success in her job search...

Meghan was able to shift OUT of an unsuccessful job search & into a new career with better work-life harmony & an increase in pay. She describes her new roles as “scarily close” to the dream job she envisioned but wasn’t sure was possible.

Meet Kristena

A high achiever who climbed the ladder only to find herself unfulfilled & questioning the cost of her success...

Today, Kristena has landed her DREAM position, scored over a 60% pay increase, AND gained newfound confidence in herself & journey ahead...all within just 3 months of working together.

Meet Monique

A burned out, single mom whose job was bleeding into her life & who feared that what she wanted didn’t exist without taking a huge pay cut…


FROM fearing that what she wanted wasn’t possible TO landing her dream career, today, Monique is truly living her dream life. She has landed a role doing something she is absolutely passionate about & increased her income all while having the time & flexibility she needs for her family.

Meet Karen

Laid off after 32 years at the same company, she felt overwhelmed by her lack of knowledge on how to be successful in the job search & wondered whether it was too late to start something else…


Her journey through the program has not only helped her regain her confidence, but reassured her of what she has to bring to the table so she can confidently navigate her job search while maximizing her impact & income.

Meet Amy

Who felt stuck in a job with no growth & wanted to change industries for better work-life balance but wasn’t sure what else she could do…


Amy gained the clarity & confidence to transition out of a job she felt stuck in & into an industry that she would have never thought of applying to! She is now able to live the life she was dreaming of, leveraging her passion for helping others with the flexibility of working from home...all while making more money & being excited to go to work every day.

Meet Jen

A burned out young mom whose life & career 

were in complete misalignment…


Jen went from feeling completely burned out to having endless energy in her life & career with the clarity, confidence, & momentum to create the future she wants.

Meet Charlotte

A driven mom beat down by corporate red tape & anxiety about her future who felt her options were limited because of what she truly wanted…


Charlotte went from feeling trapped & unsure to gaining the clarity & confidence to move forward in her career, knowing that no matter what comes her way, she knows exactly what she needs to be fulfilled long term. That in itself, she says, has given her “so much freedom from stress & anxiety.”

Meet Naomi

Despite making a change on her own, she found herself unfulfilled & back in the same place, debating taking a step back to get the balance she needed


Naomi gained the foundational skills & knowledge to create long-term fulfillment. She is not only able to confidently make decisions, she has clarity on what she wants & needs to be fulfilled AND has transitioned into a new career WITH a pay increase while gaining the balance she craved. Naomi says, “I truly feel I have everything I need to be successful” & is “excited to have the opportunity to become the leader I want to be.”

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All client success stories have “Story” or “Journey” in the title to help them stand out!