The bridge to fulfillment®

Are you frustrated about where your career path is headed? Maybe you aren’t sure how to find what you want or position yourself to transition into something different...


Are you struggling with lack of confidence in articulating your skills & feel stuck in your career?


Do you need help gaining clarity to figure out the right next steps so you can find a job you are excited to wake up to every morning, that makes a difference, AND matches your financial goals?

Have you finally reached the tipping point—where you know you need to make a change?  

Most of the women we talk to...

don't even realize how their skills & experiences can be fully utilized to find success doing something different.


How can I transfer my skills to do something different?


How can I open doors so that employers can see the value I bring?


What is the right path where I’ll be happy AND successful long term?


Can I successfully transition without sacrificing my income & what I’ve worked so hard for?


Is what I want even possible?


. . . . . . . . . . .

If you have any of these questions, I want you to know the truth: 


It is 100% possible to transition into more fulfilling work, have better balance in your life, AND be able to "shut off work" at the end of the day without sacrificing your income & happiness.


But you won’t get there by updating your resume, endlessly searching through LinkedIn & job boards, asking friends & family for help, or hoping the next job will make it better.


If you’ve found yourself….

  • Suffering from burnout,

  • Unable to shut off work on nights and weekends,

  • Going through periods of being fulfilled and unfulfilled in your career,

  • Struggling with a toxic boss or work environment,

  • Or wishing you were doing more meaningful work



...then simply moving into another company or role without addressing the ROOT CAUSE won’t fix your unhappiness.  


The solution comes from diving deeper — it comes from leveraging both the tactics AND mindset.


Our holistic 6-step process focuses on building long-term skills, knowledge, & habits so you don’t just land a new land the RIGHT job AND finally get the fulfillment, work life balance & peace of mind that you have been searching for.  

We improve women’s lives & careers for the short AND long term, empowering them with tools & knowledge to:

  • Understand the right next steps to take 

  • Articulate what you want & need in your career

  • Consider & identify the right future opportunities

  • Gain clarity on how to align work with your strengths, skills & passions

  • Increase your confidence & stay true to yourself

  • Reduce anxiety & stress (within just 3-4 weeks)

  • Know how to position yourself to stand out in the market

  • Understand how to be successful at networking & negotiation

  • Transition into a role that meets all your goals— the right one for you

  • Make more money, working less hours

  • Increase flexibility / work remotely

  • Feel empowered, supported & valued

  • Create goals & a plan to move forward with a clear focus

Here are some of the most common issues we help women solve:

  • Toxic bosses / work situations / company changes

  • Feelings of exhaustion, job leaking into other parts of your life, & struggling to "shut it off"

  • Worries that you’ll make a move only for it to be more of the same or worse

  • Finding roles you aren't excited about or don’t feel qualified for those that sound interesting

  • Unsure if what you're seeing in the market will make you happy / you'll be successful

  • Applying to roles with limited success

  • Debating whether a smaller change will make you happy or if it’s time for a total career change

  • Fear having to take a big pay cut or starting over

If, on the other hand, you LOVE your job and the work you do, you have good work-life balance, & are simply looking to shorten your commute or make more money, then this program is NOT for you. 

Instead, we recommend working with a recruiter or resume writer.