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Worry about making a career change & ending up in the same situation? Four mistakes to avoid.

Do you worry about making a career change & ending up back in the same situation OR worse off than you are today?

If so, these are the 4 mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Believing a different boss or company will "fix it"

2. Searching job boards and LinkedIn for inspiration

3. Not having clarity on exactly what you want & the criteria you need for a fulfilling career and life

4. Taking what comes your way / falls into your lap

Unless you truly LOVE the work you do and it is just a cultural / company mismatch, then you will be back in this same spot (or worse) down the road.

Small changes will not fix the issue if you've:

- grown tired of doing the same type of work that you no longer enjoy

- feel frustrated by industry wide challenges or expectations

- really want to feel more challenged & do something different

- want a much higher level of control and flexibility for your career

Instead, you need the right foundation to ensure you will head down the RIGHT path towards the fulfilling career and life that you are seeking.

Click below to watch the full video.

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