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Is the fear of making a change in your career holding you back?

No longer fulfilled in your career track or the industry you’ve been in, but don’t know where to start?

These are the mistakes most make:

❌ updating your resume & applying to roles

❌ hoping that something will fall on your lap

❌ taking a similar job at another company hoping it will be better

Where should you start?

1. Getting clear about what you want & need to be fulfilled. (Including identifying the key transferrable skills for success)

2. Creating the right criteria for your next step

3. Strategic branding and positioning

4. Build a plan, network & execute

☝🏻 This is the key to actually finding the RIGHT path for you so you don’t end up 2 years from now in the exact same (or worse) position. You must define it before you can create it.

Click below to watch the full video if you have a fear that change will be difficult, hard or painful.

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