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Stop Thinking Small and Start Maximizing Your Career with Samantha Hartley

It’s time to lift the lid on the possibilities for your life.

Do you ever fight the nagging feeling that there has to be “more” to a career? I fought that feeling for years. I found myself setting milestones that would FINALLY lead me to the goal of feeling happy and fulfilled, but each one left me feeling a bit empty, and completely exhausted.

Maybe you’re waiting until you FINALLY make it to Director, or Manager, or get the corner office. But what if that next goal you’re chasing leaves you feeling just as frustrated as the last? What if that sense of fulfillment you keep waiting for won’t actually be found in your current corporate career?

After years spent working for the multi-billion dollar company, Coca-Cola, Samatha Hartley (featured in episode 7 of the podcast) found herself in this exact position. She “had it all,” and yet, the demands of pursuing success in her corporate career left her burnt out, empty, and DONE. She found herself in a high-level position but removed from the power she desired, and the impact she wanted to make on the world. She walked away from her high-paying job and spent the next year nursing herself back to health. Over the course of that year, her phone kept ringing. The relationships she built in her corporate career were following her, people were asking for guidance. While she never earned an MBA, the skills and gifts that she had acquired through experience qualified her to be a dynamic and extremely successful consultant.

Samantha takes women who already have a successful business and shows them how to maximize their value, income, and time. She fully believes that women CAN have it all, and is a huge proponent for changing the impact women have in the marketplace.

The dollar amounts Samantha shares during this episode may blow your mind. Spoiler alert - Some of them are seven-figures. However, don’t fall into the trap that these outrageous amounts could never apply to you, and the amount you could be making someday as an entrepreneur. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you have gifts and skills that give you the power to make a big impact in this world. Whether you are reaching for millions, or just dreaming of the freedom to spend more time with your family, it’s time to lift the limits off of what you think is possible for you.

Are you feeling fulfilled?

Too often, we ignore the red flags, the little signs that our career is misaligned with our goals and passions. While we may feel unhappy, it can feel safer to remain in a job we hate, than to take a “gamble” and pursue something that comes with a great deal of risk.

If you are inspired by the work others are doing, fighting the “why can’t it be me” feeling, it may be time to shift your thinking. If you’re realizing that you’re just going through the motions in your career - feeling unfulfilled while doing all of the things you are “supposed” to do - it may be time for a change.

The truth is, staying with a career that is unfulfilling, may feel “safe” but it won’t bring safety in the long run. When your career is out of alignment with your passion, tension WILL be a side effect. There’s a good chance that you will either be laid off, or will reach a point of burnout, and won’t be able to continue.

If this is you, you don’t have to walk away from your job tomorrow! When you take the time to build the life you desire, without making a brash leap, you have the ability to transition from corporate businesswoman to entrepreneur, or somewhere in between, without blowing through your savings.

“If you don’t want to learn the hard way, the way that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over time, it’s better to invest in coaches.” - Samantha Hartley (14:50)

Get the right guidance.

When Samantha left her corporate career, coaches weren’t prevalent, and she found herself wandering along, and trying to simply figure things out. Thankfully, she had developed a network of relationships throughout her career that helped her build a solid foundation. However, there were so many aspects of owning a business that she just had to “figure out.”

So often, as women, we have this sense that we should just KNOW how to do certain things. If that’s you, it’s time to let yourself off the hook. So many nuances of entrepreneurship lie outside of the realm of regular expertise. Why should you know how to get clients? Until you begin a business, you probably never have the need to delve into the world of internet marketing and advertising. Don’t let a lack of understanding cause you to feel less than, or keep you from exploring what MORE could be out there for you.

As you are exploring, it’s important to remember, the internet is full of all kinds of advice - well-meaning women who have so much to offer, but can be skewed in the guidance they give. In the realm of entrepreneurship, 36% of businesses are women-led, but we only account for 4% of total revenue. This means, the vast majority of women who are running businesses are not finding consistent success. Thousands of dollars can be wasted when you chase after advice in the wrong places.

Instead, seek the RIGHT guidance, from successful people who have paved the way to success. They don’t necessarily have to be a top-tier coach with a wall full of framed certifications, but they do need to be a good fit for you and be equipped to help you remove the limits of what you have felt it possible to achieve. While investing in a coach will require your resources, the return WILL be worth it. Often the goals we’re reaching for can feel overwhelming, and maybe even a bit ambiguous. A coach can help you gain the focus you need to give you the clarity and power you desire to walk down the path that leads to a fulfilling career and life.

“Be careful not to get stuck in the loop of ‘advice.’ Wise counsel will understand what you need in a way that you don’t even know you need yet.” Blake (17:15)

What is really possible?

Samantha’s clients are closing high-ticket offers in the tens-of-thousands and making six to seven figures. Thinking about charging a rate with that many zeros may feel about as logical as the existence of unicorns. Samantha would tell you, numbers are just numbers. Far too often we get caught up looking at a lump sum of money. If you can spend $50,000 and make $100,000 that’s a 50% profit margin, which is an incredible percentage. People become willing to make an investment when there is the promise of a return. Samantha’s clients have shifted their structure to provide higher value to clients, all given with clear focus of the intended results, and a clear path that paves the way.

Before you can assign value to a product or service, it’s important to recognize the value you bring as an individual. No one is looking for your degrees, they are looking for services that will deliver results. You may not have an MBA or extensive certifications, but you have probably spent years pursuing hobbies and developing skills through your life experiences. Even more important, you have innate skills and gifts that come naturally to you, that other people don’t have, and NEED to help them move forward towards their own fulfillment. Not sure what those skills are? Maybe it’s time to invest in finding someone to help you figure them out.

Where does this leave me?

Too many women dream small, start small, and stay small. We allow ourselves to be limited by what has always been, or by what we think is possible for us. Finding fulfillment is all about building the life you want to have. Often, when women begin a business they focus on doing everything as frugally as possible, so they can maintain the highest level of profit. Proper investments in the beginning make the difference between a business that flops and a business that rises to high levels of success.

If you have just started a business, it’s important to recognize that healthy businesses operate with a 40% profit margin. In fact, many service-based businesses can actually run profit margins in the 60-70% range and still have the right support through coaches, mentors, and contractors. You don’t have to do it all alone. Bringing in the right individuals to help will give you more momentum and more freedom, with a team to give support along the way.

Whether you are just getting started with your own business, you’re dreaming of the possibilities, or you are in the throes of a corporate career, it’s so important to recognize your value. You are worth more than you’re charging, you are capable of more than you could dream, and you are not destined to live a life chasing an elusive sense of fulfillment. It’s time to stop thinking small and start maximizing your career!

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Samantha does phenomenal work with businesses who are looking to take their six-figure business and grow it without the overwhelm while maximizing their impact and time. If you would like to learn more, you can find her Facebook group Profitable, Joyful Consulting, or visit her website.

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