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The State of Female Leadership in Business & Where Things Aren’t Progressing

Women make up 49% of the workforce, but they only occupy 15% of executive suites. Which means, there is still a huge barrier for women to make their way to the top of today’s companies. More and more women are abandoning the corporate world to build their own businesses. These women are taking their opportunity for leadership into their own hands and are transforming the corporate landscape in the process.

Women struggle to reach executive positions in corporate America due to traditional, archaic ways of thinking that do little to create new opportunities for women. Beliefs around company loyalty force employees to sacrifice their personal lives for the sake of their work. Women often have to balance their careers with family responsibilities, and this is especially true as they advance within the company.

“It isn’t just that only 15% of executive opportunities are for’s what women have to give up to even get that 15%.” - Blake Schofield (4:34-4:44)

For those women do who make their way up to a C-suite, the stress of sacrificing so much of their lives can be too much to endure. They find it difficult to show up fully in their work and express their points of view.

That’s why many women choose the entrepreneurial path and take on new perspectives of what they can achieve in life. They’re standing up and taking stock of the value they provide and what they can achieve when they have a balanced work and home life. As the number of successful women entrepreneurs grows, so does the number of women who realize that they, too, can leave the confines of corporate America.

Women are Leveling the Corporate Playing Field

Women often have to work twice as hard to get the same recognition as their male counterparts. Although they make up 49% of the workforce, women may actually be doing a larger percentage of the work. The best way to change the nature of corporate work is to create new businesses that prioritize each person’s value and supports them in leading a balanced and harmonious life. But there’s still much more that needs to be done before the playing field is leveled.

Today, 37% of entrepreneurial business are owned by women. But those businesses only make up 4.2% of business revenue. This disparity highlights another problem women are facing - the businesses they’re creating aren’t making much money. Women are going out on their own to build businesses, but many lack the mentorship, tools, and support that help them achieve high levels of revenue. There’s a growing trend of women leaving corporate America to become entrepreneurs in their own right. However, they are not getting the support they need to succeed.

“When women truly take ownership and have the tools to be successful in all avenues of life… we will shift the dynamic of what’s broken with the workforce today.” - Blake Schofield (8:33-8:51)

There is a huge opportunity for today’s business women to shift the workplace dynamic. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to change this dynamic for future generations.

Mothers want their children to grow up in a new kind of work environment—one where they have an equal chance for success in their own businesses or in the companies they work for. Teaching your child these and other invaluable lessons will be the catalyst for changing the corporate landscape and creating a brighter future for tomorrow’s executive women.

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