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"I need healthcare & a steady paycheck, so I have to stay in my job b/c it is safe."

I hear this a lot... I'm about to say something that may be controversial, but needs to be said.

If you are staying in a job where you have constant stress, no time with your family, feel frustrated or undervalued & are thinking that there must be something "more" to life than this...

but you believe that you have to stay b/c of the healthcare & money,

then I'd like to share what I learned because

I had it SO WRONG.

1. You can get healthcare in the market. Yes, it costs more, but when you build the right business model you no longer have an income cap & can build a plan to well offset the expense.

2. You can build up your $$ reserves & go on offense...building a cushion against income fluctuations.

3. The BIGGIE- I was so worried about money that I was KILLING my health.


📍 Constant stress - - I got shingles at 28 years old

📍Sleeping an average of 5-6 hours a night (see below article in comments)

📍I caught colds 8-10 times/year

📍Didn't work out b/c all my time went to work or my family

I was SO afraid of the wrong things (things I could make a plan & adjust to)

that I actually DIDN'T FOCUS on the things that really MATTERED -

like being around long enough to ENJOY my FAMILY & LIFE