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What I am about to say may not be popular, but it needs to be said.

What I am about to say may not be popular, but it needs to be said.

Stop blaming everyone else.

Until women stand up, demand and create the reality we want, it will never happen.

Do you believe you should suck it up because you make a really good living and be grateful even if you never have time for yourself, your family or no longer enjoy what you do?


Do you believe you have to settle for making less money in order to be the kind of mom you want to be?

There is NO badge of honor in that thinking. It perpetuates the (incorrect) idea that women can’t contribute in big ways AND be the kind of mom and person they want to be.

It puts women in a victim mode. This perspective is a BIG part of the problem.

I get it - because I was once you. I led a team of 18 with over $600 million in annual revenue. I enjoyed the benefits of a very comfortable lifestyle, but I was dying inside and told myself for years there was no other choice.

And if you think that you have to suffer because you have no other choice, you are wrong too.

Don’t look for permission. Take control of your life.

If you need clarity to figure out what to do, I can help.

If you know you are good at what you do, but aren’t sure how to build the right business to replace

your corporate income, I can help.

Stop trying to break the glass ceiling and instead build your own house.

I did and I can help you do it too.

If you are still reading this, it is no mistake.

Know this:

You are good and talented - not because of the company you work for, but because of YOU. You can find success elsewhere.

When you are doing what you love and can afford what you want in life, that is where you will THRIVE.

Don’t keep being stuck in toxic environment, when you can create whatever environment you want.

Is it worth a phone call to explore a life you build instead of one you feel trapped in?

If this message resonated with you - it is NOT an accident.

Send me a message & let’s chat.

The worst thing that can happen is that you are still stuck in same job making a lot of money.

The best thing? Freedom for yourself and your family living a life that you create.