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Fresh beginnings

Seeing all the posts about the first day of school and college move in days this week, it has me thinking about those moments...those BIG moments in life when you realize that you should sink it all in. The times when we stop, make sure we have the camera ready and document the memory.

There is something really wonderful about fresh beginnings...the joy, the excitement and the anticipation of what is yet to come.

It reminds me of those moments as a kid when you are so excited for who you will become. The kindergartner who wants to be a soccer coach, the sixth grader who wants to be a lawyer, the college freshman who wants to start her own business... There is nothing like the excitement and conviction that young people have to move forward towards their dreams.

Unfortunately for many, as time passes those dream jobs and careers somehow don't come to fruition...or maybe they do, but after years of going to work everyday, that dream changes, but they keep getting up every day doing the same thing when their heart isn't in it. Can you relate? I know many of us can & the biggest tragedy of it all is how many people feel this way.

How does it happen? How do we lose that vision of the joy we had as a child when someone asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up? We let fear cripple us and hold us in a trap of our own doing...the lie that there is no other choice. We know we should or could do something different, but we either get so focused on the challenge of making a change or worse yet, get complacent that this is "as good as it gets".

Well, I'm here to tell you not to believe the lie that you are telling yourself.

Having moved cross country three times in the last seven years, I can say with certainty that one choice can change your life. All it takes is the decision to take the first step, face your fears & build a plan. The fear of change is always greater than the reality.

The truth is that there is always a way. The time will pass whether you take action or not, but those regrets and lack of passion for what you are doing everyday will drastically reduce your happiness, health and relationships. It is impossible to live a life that doesn't align with who you are without it negatively impacting you.

You can regain that excitement, anticipation and passion!

Here are 4 steps to begin the process of re-gaining your joy:

1. Write down your dream. What would you do if you had no limitations? Be descriptive and really paint the picture of what that dream would mean to you.

2. Be honest with yourself & ask what it is that is really stopping you. Is it a fear about money, time, lack of knowledge? You are far more capable than you give yourself credit for. Until you name and face your fears, you will continue to live with that doubt and worry. Set yourself free & remember what it is like to really own your life.

3. Think about what it would take to alleviate that fear, then write it down.

If it is money, estimate how much you would need in order to make the leap, then build a plan to cut back, determining how much per month you need to set aside to get to your goal. If it is lack of knowledge, write down the areas you need to learn more about and the places or people who can help. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to learn about new things, especially with the accessibility of information online!

4. Hold yourself accountable. Create achievable goals & check in weekly or monthly to track your progress & keep moving forward. As you begin to achieve your goals, you will find it easier and easier to keep the momentum going. Your energy will increase & you will find that that joy of excitement and possibilities you had as a child begins to return to you.

Remember Newton's law of motion? An object in motion, stays in motion. The hardest part is taking that first step. After that, let the momentum keep you going!

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