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The messages that we tell ourselves

As I was getting my daughter ready for dance class today, something she said really struck a cord with me..."Mom, I am so bad at this." I can't think of how many times I've said that to myself or heard others say the same thing.

The thing is, words are powerful - they can lift you up or drag you down...and far too often we get stuck in the cycle of negativity and don't even realize the effects. I believe this happens because we truly don't understand the impact of what we think & how it impacts our lives.

Our thoughts feed our spirit and well-being in the same way what we take into our bodies fuels our health. When we choose to feed it with negativity, it becomes a downward spiral, taking away our drive and initiative to make a change or take the leap of faith. Studies have proven that when you are stuck in a cycle of negativity, you no longer are able to see clearly and close off your mind to possibilities. By approaching things with a positive standpoint, you open up the opportunity to connect with others and get a broader view of what you can achieve.

Think about what would have happened had Steve Jobs retreated into depression and given up after he was fired from his own company back in 1985. The public failure he suffered must have been devastating, and yet, he pressed on. During a two year time frame, he created a new company called Next, helped launch Pixar (who produced the first computer animated film) and in 1987, merged his new company with Apple, becoming CEO of his former company and creating the empire that today is Apple.

Don't let one big thing, or a bunch of small things get you down. There is always tomorrow and a future even greater than you can imagine!

So,what can you do to be more positive & create more possibilities for your life?

Five things to help you be more positive & feed your soul:

1. First, we need to need to "re-wire" our thinking that failure is the enemy. To do anything great in life requires risk...and most of the time, we will fail before we succeed. But as I said, failure isn't the enemy, apathy and our perspective on failure are! Failure is the great teacher and unifier in life. We all experience it, but what we choose to do with it makes all the difference in whether we reach our potential or we live a life of regret.

2. Practice self-care daily. What does this mean? It means taking care of yourself spiritually, physically and mentally. Examples of this could be: getting 8 hours of sleep a night, committing to exercising several days a week, setting up time to spend with girlfriends and/or creating daily reflection or devotional time.

3. Focus your energy on what you can control by building a weekly plan of things to accomplish & celebrating once you've met your goals. As you begin to see what you can accomplish, you will become more positive and start seeking more opportunities that align with your passions and interests.

4. Make sure you are sending positive messages to yourself & squashing negative self-talk. When you find yourself thinking negatively about a situation, imagine that situation happened to your best friend instead of you. What advice would you give them? Would you say that they are being too hard on themselves? If so, you should give yourself the same grace that you would offer them.

5. Surround yourself with others who inspire you, whether it is in person or by following others who have either accomplished something you respect or who have a point of view that you find valuable. The old adage that you are who you surround yourself with is true. When you are able to see what others can accomplish, it helps you to see how you can accomplish your dreams as well!

Cheers to taking the high road and enjoying the adventures along the way!