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Elevate Your Impact or Unlock Your Potential
What's right for you?

The journey to a more fulfilling career & life is one that is both emotional & tactical. Both of our programs are structured to get you the support you need to maximize opportunities, boost your confidence, & ensure you are taking the right steps for success.

What's the difference?

Both of our programs include:


  1. Multiple deep dive calls a week— These are structured to support you & help open up possibilities, remove roadblocks, and really make sure you're on the right track and getting what it is that you need to keep moving forward.

  2. An online portal— The portal is a mix of videos and worksheets that take you step-by-step through all that you need to accomplish, work through, and learn.

Here's how they differ:

With The Elevate Your Impact program, you'll get...

  • the fastest progress

  • the highest level of results

  • the most customized & tailored program to fit your individual circumstances

...because we are "in the car with you." Our signature program allows you to choose the frequency of support and how you leverage it in a way that works best for you through additional support Monday-Thursday so you are not restricted to certain days or times when you can get your questions answered. You can leverage additional support for opportunities or roadblocks standing in your way, whether it's day-to-day stress, calendar issues, dealing with your current work environment, reviewing your progress and providing feedback, identifying whether an opportunity is right for you, and more.


Whether you choose to utilize deep-dive calls and additional support equally or leverage one more than the other, know that we are there with you every step of the way to provide support, guidance, and help to move you forward.

With our signature program, Elevate Your Impact, you'll also get...

  • The quickest & highest level of results

  • Specific & tailored feedback to help you understand how to create more synergy, remove friction & best position yourself to communicate yourself as a top candidate in the market through bridge stories

  • Feedback & expertise to help you build your negotiation & counter-offer strategy so you can maximize your income & the other elements that matter to you (growth, sign-on bonuses, vacation, flexibility, etc)

Unlock your potential masterclass

The Unlock Your Potential Masterclass is our lower-level investment option for women who are self-motivated and comfortable doing the work in the program while checking-in on their progress.  This masterclass will help you unlock all of the key steps, clarity, and tools you need to create success.

The difference in this program is...

  1. All support comes through the weekly deep dive calls and does NOT include additional support and tailoring Monday-Thursday. Note: If you are unable to attend a call, you have the option to send in your question, which we will answer during the call and send you the recording of that day's deep dive call.

  2. Craft compelling bridge stories and build your negotiation strategy through leveraging our training and doing this work on your own.

How do I know what's right for me?

The Unlock Your Potential Masterclass IS a fit for you if you...

  • financially can't afford a higher level investment

  • have some clarity on your direction & need help with the right steps to move forward in your job search

  • are able to take information, learn, apply & then ask for feedback/support on questions

  • will prioritize attending deep dive calls & ask questions to get support to maximize your journey

The Unlock Your Potential Masterclass IS NOT right for you if you...

  • are completely blank on what you want to do

  • are struggling with a lot of stress & anxiety

  • need collaboration the entire way through the process (vs. checking-in throughout as you meet milestones)

  • need more in-depth support in positioning & marketing yourself due to lack of confidence or experience

  • have additional life complexities that you want support & tailoring for

We've had clients achieve incredible success in BOTH programs. Regardless of the program you enroll in, you will get the tools, support, and the roadmap to truly create a much more fulfilling career and life.

Still unsure? We'd be happy to talk further & help make sure you're making the best decision for you.