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Career Change stories:

Jennifer had been with the same company for more than 15 years before we connected.  The company had gotten bought out a few years earlier & she found herself in a toxic work environment doing work that no longer fulfilled her

As the years went on, she began to question whether she was committed to staying in an industry that no longer aligned with her values or the work life balance she wanted, but she lacked the confidence as to whether her skills would be transferable into a new industry, whether she had what she needed to be successful and she needed help brainstorming & uncovering what the right path would be for her.   

Jennifer needed clarity on what she wanted & how to make it happen.  Before coming to me she'd already tried all the traditional approaches - a resume coach & career reinvention coach.  Neither were the solution for her as she needed someone who could help her get clear on her options, her unique value, get out of theory and help her create a real plan and path forward in her life & where she knew she would be able to maximize her skills & not compromise or sacrifice on what mattered most to her.

Libby found herself struggling in her job search, wondering if ageism was a factor as to why she wasn't making more progress in her career search.  When we connected, she felt stuck & unsure if she would be able to replace her income and move into a role that was more fulfilling.

Through working together, Libby not only gained a much greater understanding of her secret sauce transferable skills & how to position herself.  She went from feeling like she couldn't do interviews well to , but she went from becoming the "gold standard" for interviewing according to her new boss.  All the skills & knowledge she gained allowed her to transition into a completely different role AND negotiate an offer that paid her more than she expected.

Marion found herself laid off after working consistently for years in the retail industry.  It took a blow to her confidence.  Before connecting, she was job searching on LinkedIn and going into that never ending black hole, of 'Do I really want to do this?'   

During her job search, she sometimes wouldn't apply because she'd think 'Oh, They won't want me.  I couldn't do that.'  That was unnerving because any other time in her life, she'd have thought 'Of course they want me and of course I can do this'.  

She shares how she not only regained her confidence, but got clarity on what she wanted that would actually make her happy...and how this process moves you forward at a much faster speed than going at it alone.

Kalicia has spent most of her career in the same company.  She found herself unfulfilled & wanting to make sure that she had the right clarity, plan & ability to transition into the right next path for her.  Through working together, she was able to get crystal clear on what mattered most to her, what her non-negiotables were and how to best position herself in her job search and interview process to truly be able to showcase and maximize her value, income & path. 

More client success stories & experiences with Blake

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"I am grateful for Blake’s help and support as I evaluated my priorities and career aspirations. She motivated me and kept me honest when I wasn’t making the progress I was capable of making. Her approach helped me to identify the things that were most important to me for both career and personal life satisfaction. I am taking the next step in my journey, starting from a better, stronger and more well-defined place, because of her support. Her encouragement also led to me making new connections with people in my fields of interest and broadening my network, which will serve me for years to come, and is not something I may have otherwise initiated on my own. She takes her job as a coach seriously!" - Jen Z.

"Blake was a great partner & huge help to me.  I got much more value than what I invested for her coaching services.  I reached out to Blake during my transition period between jobs because I couldn't really pinpoint what would be right for me to move to next.  During our very first session together, Blake really helped me narrow in on what were the three most important factors to me in my career.  Having Blake as my partner gave me the confidence and direction I needed to make the best decision for myself and my family." - Kalicia K.

"I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful conversation with her. She really listens and knows how to ask the right questions to get an idea of where you need to be to move forward. She gave me some valuable tools to help progress in what I need to do. If you want someone who really listens and knows what to listen for and to help you succeed. Blake is the amazing woman who can do this. Thank you, Blake, not only for your time but your wisdom." - Kirsten M.

"Blake has a way of expressing things that gives you the courage to step forward.  She listens with no judgement and easily finds the best in each and every person. She often has profound insights to help you move to the next level.  I have watched Blake speak in groups of people and one on one; no matter what the situation she has the ability to touch each and every person in a way I rarely see.  She speaks from her heart and brings a wealth of knowledge to assist with guidance and support.  The best part of her passion is that it’s about seeing other people succeed and this is a gift not often found. I have had the fortune to watch her inspire, renew, and excite people.    - Melissa K.

" Blake has a strong way of connecting with people & pulling out the best of them." - Chris B.

"Your powerful words are playing in my mind with each choice and action I take! You are most certainly impactful in just 1 session! That’s YOU being so extraordinary at what you do. Setting the standard." - Sherri R.

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