The Bridge to Fulfillment Program

Discover our life-changing 6-step process

TBTF 6-step process infographic(3).png

Step 1: Gain Control

  • Reduced stress & anxiety

  • Gain energy & focus within just 3-4 weeks

  • Find time for yourself

  • Increase productivity through the right structure & habits to set your day up for success

Step 2: Gain Clarity

  • Articulate what you want & need in your career (Unlock your fulfillment framework)

  • Identify your secret sauce transferable skills & confidently communicate your value in the market

  • Know how to align your work with your strengths, skills & passions

Step 3: Define the Criteria

  • Gain clarity on how you work best

  • Identify the right environment

  • Expand & consider different opportunities so you can identify the RIGHT ones for you
    (& not have to hope your next job is the right one)

Step 4: Gain Focus

  • Learn how to job search effectively

  • Build an authentic networking strategy that opens doors to the right opportunities

  • Learn how to communicate & position yourself in the market as the top candidate

  • Be intentional about what you want moving forward

Step 5: Building Your Bridge

  • Learn how to confidently communicate & stand in your value

  • Craft compelling stories that showcase you already have the exact skills & traits your future employer needs

Step 6: Maximize Your path

  • Understand the negotiation process & how to maximize your income & offer

  • Move into a role that delivers on all your goals

  • Make more money working less hours

  • Have the tools to enable you to feel empowered to create the future you want

Building a career & life you LOVE is a journey,
and we'll be right beside you every step of the way.

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