Frequently asked questions

Who do we serve best?

We’ve helped women across many different industries & levels in their careers. Some common backgrounds our clients come from include marketing, sales, merchandising, human resources, financial planning, supply chain, store or district management, design, media, technology, engineering, and more. The majority of our clients have between 10-25 years of experience, though we’ve helped women both early in their careers (minimum 7 years in) and those with 30+ years. That being said, this program works best for women who…

  • Are making between $75k - $300k+ a year & want to protect or increase your income.
  • Want to be intentional about moving into the next role — you don’t just want any job, you want the right one that meets all your goals.
  • Realized that what you are doing isn’t sustainable or right long term & want help to make a change.
  • Are ready to invest your time, energy, & financial resources to finally fix the root cause of your unhappiness, getting the clarity & plan to create the career & life you want.

This program is NOT for women who…
  • Want to get into a new role ASAP without taking the time & effort to ensure it is the RIGHT fit for them
  • Are looking for the least expensive or a more generalized/cookie cutter approach that focuses only on the tactical elements of the job search process.
  • Are ok continuing on in your job or life as is.
  • Aren’t interested in a partnership or willing to ask for help & support during this journey.
  • Aren’t worried about the cost to your health, relationships, or career by staying in an unfulfilling job.

How much time does the program take?

Our program is designed for busy women with full schedules. Clients complete this work in only 3-5 hours a week, including their job search. One of the first things we do is help you set up a plan to not just fit this work into your life, but reclaim & repurpose up to 20% of your time back so you can reduce stress, focus on the right next steps & get better balance in your life while doing this work. Our process is incredibly efficient considering the typical job search, when going at it alone, takes 11 hours a week.

My current situation at work is EXHAUSTING. I’m not sure I can take on something new. Will I have to quit my job to make time & focus on the program?

No. Clients who come to us thinking about quitting their job are shocked by how quickly things can improve with the right support, structure & plan. Consistently our clients DRASTICALLY improve their work situation within a matter of weeks so they can protect themselves financially while building a bridge rather than taking a risky leap.

I was laid off or already quit my job. Is it too late to work with you?

No, not at all, provided you are looking for the RIGHT fit for your next role and not just “any job.” We have worked with a lot of women in this situation & can help you to ensure you are spending your time focusing on the RIGHT things for success to move quickly & efficiently through your job search. By investing in yourself now, you will avoid a long & painful process on your own AND ensure you have the skills & strategy to move into the right path for you.

How long is the program?

The program is a 3-month journey together in which we rapidly move you forward to help shave months to years off your journey.
The average job search, when going at it alone, takes 11-12 months. We know that when you lack clarity and direction, that timeline can stretch into YEARS of searching, interviewing, & changing jobs hoping the change will make it better only to find yourself unfulfilled again in a job that is more of the same (or worse).

We help our clients stop hoping the next job will be better & align their strengths, skills & passions into the RIGHT role & do so much faster than on their own.

How long does it take your clients to transition into a new role?

Statistics in the market say that working with a career coach will shorten your job search by 40%. On average, our clients move into roles consistently faster, averaging about 4.5 months to transition into a role that delivers on ALL of their goals. T hat's up to 75% faster than doing it alone! For those who want additional guidance & support to maximize their job search as they continue the journey, we provide the option to continue working together on a month by month basis.

What does support throughout the program look and feel like?

This journey is one that needs someone "in the car with you," as it is both an emotional & a tactical one. Our holistic program is structured to get you the support you need to maximize opportunities, boost your confidence & ensure you are taking the right next steps for success. Our program is set up so that you get support when AND how you need it. We do this three ways:

  1. Weekly “deep dive” calls to ensure you are moving in the right direction with support to help you remove roadblocks, uncover opportunities, maximize productivity & shift your mindset for success.
  2. Additional 1:1 support Monday-Thursday so you don’t have to wait for a call or specific date/time to get assistance, maximize opportunities, or get the dose of support you need.
  3. An online training module that will help walk you through step-by-step what to focus on for success.
The structure allows you the flexibility to do the majority of the work when it works best for you, while giving you access to consistent support & guidance for increased focus & accountability to move you forward. Our clients, on average, spend only 3-5 hours a week doing this work including their job search.

How much does the program cost?

It is important to understand that this program is not a cost, it is an investment. It is something you invest into to reap rewards not just in the short term, but for the long term, as well. Our proven process has helped clients land dream jobs, get substantial pay increases, drastically decrease stress AND increase balance in their lives & careers.…all without taking a step back or starting over. When going through this program, our clients not only reap rewards in their professional lives, they see it in their personal lives, as well. Imagine being present in your & your family's lives, waking up with energy & being passionate about what you do EVERY DAY. Imagine leaving work at the end of the day & having energy to still enjoy life afterwards WITHOUT work taking over your life... Imagine the peace of mind that you are making a difference & the work you do is valuable... ...All while knowing you are financially setting yourself & your family up for success —protecting what you've worked so hard for & creating a career trajectory that increases your income.
However, what we do isn’t right for everyone, so we don’t talk about investment unless we are sure that we are the right match & working together is in your best interest.

Should we both decide this is the right fit, we offer the ability to fund this program through small, affordable monthly installments.

That said, if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself or you are looking for the cheapest or more cookie cutter approach, then this isn’t the right program for you.

How can I Iearn more?

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then we encourage you to reach out and connect with one of our Bridge Experts who can help you get clarity on where you are on your journey to career fulfillment, where you’re headed, optional paths to get there, and the right next step to take. CLICK HERE to start your complimentary, personalized career fulfillment plan today!