I work with driven, heart centered women who've found themselves at a cross roads  - unfulfilled, stuck & overwhelmed trying to figure out how to use their skills to do work they love, have more time with their family & transition into a new path without taking a big risk or heading in the wrong direction.  

Through my Bridge to Fulfillment® program, my clients progress down two different paths,


1. Career Change: Clients who come into the career change program work to uncover their natural skills, talents, passions, & secret sauce transferable skills. The goal of the program is to help clients gain the clarity & skills necessary to move into a career that will help elevate their impact while doing work that fulfills them on a daily basis. 


2. Unsure Path: Clients who come into the program on the unsure path know that they need a change but aren't sure whether a career change or entrepreneurship is the right path for them. Clients in this program progress to uncover their natural skills, talents, passions, & secret sauce transferable skills to determine what opportunities lie ahead & which one is right for THEM. Based on the discoveries of the first half of the program, clients then progress into either the entrepreneurship or career change program, gaining the skills & clarity necessary to succeed on the path ahead. 


Regardless of the path they take, my clients experience significantly reduced anxiety & stress within the first two to three weeks of working with me, have begun to take back control over their calendar (hello freedom!), and have clarity & a strategy on their path ahead with a tailored road map within a few short months. 



Career Change/Elevation:

Are you sitting in a career that no longer fits, but you are scared of the uncertainty of a different path?   

Most of the women I talk to don't even realize how their skills & experiences can be fully utilized to find success in a new arena.   


As someone who started her career in Human Resources, spent over a decade as a hiring manager, moved cross country TWICE for her career, and has had THREE different careers, I have a unique background that enables me to help women just like you find the right path for your career & life.

As a client you could expect to gain:

  • CLARITY about what you want, what other options are available to you & how to use your secret sauce transferable skills to transition into that career.  

  • UNLOCK YOUR FULFILLMENT FRAMEWORK™ so you know exactly what you need to be fulfilled long term & stop making changes hoping they will be better.

  • SAVE TIME & GAIN FOCUS in your job search with a clear understanding of what type of company & leadership best fits your goals so you land someplace you'll love

  • CONFIDENCE when seeking a new position because you have crafted your unique branding proposition & the right stories to highlight your strengths, so you stand out as the best candidate 

  • A TAILORED PLAN to shift into your next path, including how to best position yourself & stand out in the market 

  • NEGOTIATION STRATEGY to maximize your income & important perks (from a former corporate executive who averaged 35% pay increases during job changes & who was paid at the top 25% in salary pay band for the last 8 years in corporate.)

Unsure Path:

Do you KNOW you need a change but aren't quite sure what will make you feel fulfilled long-term? Are you struggling to decide whether changing careers will help you regain your excitement for work, or if entrepreneurship is the path for you?

The unsure path is a holistic approach that's tailored to your unique skills & experience. We know that the key to being successful & happy both in the short AND long-term comes from understanding who you are & how to stand in & communicate your vale (NOT through cookie-cutter tactics). As a client on the unsure path, you can expect to begin the program by first building a solid foundation, which includes:

  • GAINING CONTROL over your time, energy, mind & confidence

  • GAINING CLARITY by uncovering your deepest values in life & highest value in the market

  • DEFINING THE CRITERIA & UNLOCKING YOUR FULFILLMENT FRAMEWORK by diving deep & discovering how you naturally work best

  • GAINING FOCUS on the right path for you by first exploring all possible opportunities on the career change side.

Part of building a foundation on the unsure path is determining whether a career change or entrepreneurship is right for you. Because entrepreneurship is not for everyone, we begin by exploring all possible career change options based on the foundational work you do in the first half of the program. This ensures that if you choose to move towards entrepreneurship in the second half of the program, it will be the RIGHT choice you make in confidence because you know that no career change could ever make you happy.

No matter which path you continue on, as a client, you can expect to gain:

  • CLARITY on the right path for you that will bring happiness, success, & fulfillment LONG-TERM

  • CONFIDENCE, SKILLS, & FOCUS necessary to seek out new positions & opportunities having crafted your unique branding proposition & the right stories to highlight your strengths

  • Knowledge about HOW TO USE the SKILLS  & passions you already have to start your own business OR transition into a new career/industry (without having to start over or take a step back)


  • FOCUS & a clear plan forward.  Spend time on the right actions & avoid spinning in circles.

  • A TAILORED ROADMAP FOR THE RIGHT STEPS to build your bridge so that you can shift into entrepreneurship or a new career without starting over or taking a step back.​​


Click on the button above to schedule a 15 minute discovery call, where we'll spend time understanding your goals & what is most important to you.  


Whether we ever work together or not, I want to help provide the resources & support to set you up for what you need to reach your goals.  

If we find that we are a good fit, then we'll continue the discussion on what it would look like to move forward.

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"It's changed everything about my life.”

Client, Rebecca Holthaus, Insights LLC

In 2020, we became a women-owned certified business by WBENC.

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