My team & I work with driven, heart centered women who've found themselves at a cross roads  - unfulfilled, stuck & overwhelmed trying to figure out how to use their skills to do work they love, have more time with their family & transition into a new path without taking a big pay cut, starting over, or making a change only to find it is more of the same or worse.

Career Change/Elevation:

Are you sitting in a career or job that no longer fits, but you are scared of the uncertainty of a different path?  Are you struggling to know how you can transition into more fulfilling work, have better balance in your life & be able to "shut work off" at the end of the day...AND do all that without having to take a big pay cut, start over or go back to school?  

Most of the women I talk to don't even realize how their skills & experiences can be fully utilized to find success in a new arena.   


As someone who started her career in Human Resources, spent over a decade as a hiring manager, moved cross country TWICE for her career, and has had THREE different careers, I have a unique background that enables me to help women just like you find the right path for your career & life.

As a client you could expect to gain:

  • CLARITY about the right next path for you including identifying what you want, what other options are available to you & how to use your secret sauce transferable skills to transition into the right  career.  

  • UNLOCK YOUR FULFILLMENT FRAMEWORK™ so you know exactly what you need to be fulfilled long term & stop making changes hoping they will be better.

  • SAVE TIME & GAIN FOCUS in your job search with a clear understanding of what type of company & leadership best fits your goals so you land someplace you'll love

  • CONFIDENCE when seeking a new position because you have crafted your unique branding proposition & the right stories to highlight your strengths, so you stand out as the best candidate 

  • A TAILORED PLAN to shift into your next path, including a proven approach to best position yourself & stand out in the market 

  • NEGOTIATION STRATEGY to maximize your income & important perks (from a former corporate executive who averaged 35% pay increases during job changes & who was paid at the top 25% in salary pay band for the last 8 years in corporate.)



Click on the button above to schedule a 15 minute discovery call, where we'll spend time understanding your goals & what is most important to you.  



Whether we ever work together or not, I want to help provide the resources & support to set you up for what you need to reach your goals.  

If we find that we are a good fit, then we'll continue the discussion on what it would look like to move forward.



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"It's changed everything about my life.”

Client, Rebecca Holthaus, Insights LLC

In 2020, we became a women-owned certified business by WBENC.